What would you do if you fell into your video games console ?

Play, a child in an adult’s body, is swallowed by his video games console. He becomes, despite himself, the hero of a new video game ! Play, thanks to his imagination, brings us to see the world through his eyes while opening the world to Playland.

Throughout this “Role Playing Game”, Play lives a lot of extraordinary adventures : he is chased by a zombie, rides on a dizzy roller coaster, passes through some parallel universe, takes part in a crazy car racing, in love with a princess, fights a dragon…

After La Folle Journée, Boutros El Amari takes the stage with virtual and universal worlds of video games and also with fantasy universe. Each incredible than the last, you will follow the adventures of his new poetic and clownish character named Play.

La Comédie Saint-Michel

Every Thursday at 9:30 pm and Saturday at 8 pm

95 boulevard Saint-Michel
75005 Paris

Métro : Cluny-Sorbonne
RER : Luxembourg


Press Book : FRENIT

Crédit graphisme : Florine Le Richon

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